A simple word this time.

Admire means to look at with pleasure, or to regard someone with warmth and approval.

I am generous in my admiration of all things beautiful, complex, or interesting in any way. I can honestly say  I admire anyone who gets up in the morning with a list to do and settles in at night with a list that is done. I admire people who show love and kindness to others, and those that capture the expression of that in any form.

I thought, this would be a quick blog to write. I’ll just post ten greatest lists: novels, paintings, songs, sculptures, inventions, discoveries, etc.. Couldn’t find anyone’s list I agreed with perfectly. Most of the great art and sculpture lists feature an awful lot of nudity, so will leave you to make your own. Sharing this cute definition of etc., since it fits me to a tee.



See nothing to admire here. Narcissus was a Greek god of great beauty. The goddess Echo loved him, but as you can see, he only loved himself. Always depicted looking at his own reflection, (although you have to admit Echo was giving him plenty to see if he’d looked her way.)

Some people are famous for posting their self images. Needless to say, that qualifies them as narcissistic, (having an excessive or erotic interest in oneself and one’s physical appearance). Part of this blog challenge has involved posting the blog each day to Facebook and Twitter, where one sees daily examples of this.

Artists in order, Michelangelo, Solomon Joseph, John William Waterhouse, and unknown (site


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