Easier to be scolded by hunky actors than myself. I only have 769 on my new novel tonight, too much listening to the DNC and surfing the web reading scandalous news and rumors.  Learned nothing last week from my computer meltdown, after doing the same as I listened to the RNC.

This is one of the meanest elections I’ve ever experienced. Nothing is too low to say or accuse the other one of doing. All I have decided is that I will vote, and neither candidate holds much  appeal.

Feel so disillusioned and confused by the current state of the world and our government.  Seeing the posts of headlines from respected News media, matched to verbatim leaked Democratic emails, didn’t help.

All I know for certain is that when lips are moving, lies are being told. Also, our government is for sale by our elected officials who promise what they think we want to hear, and then vote for whoever has the most grease for them.

Would love for health insurance to have a one payer system and the blank check written for Obamacare to be cleaned up. I want peace and harmony, and ISIS and other terrorist groups to blow only themselves up, and leave the rest of us and the world alone.

I like the men in the picture, because they’re not in costume. Tonight, Hillary really seemed to be trying too hard to look pure in her white suit.


Twain's Trash of James Fenimore Cooper - great advice for all writers.

Loved an article in Writer Unboxed, and made a little Pinterest post from it.  Love Cooper, and read most of his books when I was young. To see him slammed so hard by Mark Twain, another of my favorite authors, was enlightening.  As Bob Dylan once sang, “Everybody must get stoned.” (It may not mean to have rocks thrown at you, but I’ve always interpreted it that way.)

Still Learning

Ending with a pin I didn’t create. My fourteen-year-old granddaughter loves Bridge, and she and my daughter-in-law tried to help me learn the basics again last week.

Hopefully, this will make you smile like it did me.





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