Plot Holes

Not sure if the current novel has any plot holes. Won’t know until I reach the end and read it. Tonight at 25,346 for new words added during camp. Was at 30,000 at the start. Last third to go.

Since having a plot hole is a terrible thing, found this nice article with ways to find and fill the rascals.


Does not sound easy. Hope to finish this book and turn it over to trusted Beta readers to scream out when they hit one. Takes more than one set of eyes to find and fix all the errors in a novel draft. I edit in everyway I can think to find them all, at least a week before letting trusted friends read. Early readers are worth their weight in gold.


Placed the article on my Pinterest board called Writers. Lot of good and useful things there, that I can find more easily than stored on my computer. Love Pinterest and the Cloud. Meant to include it on my research tools the other day. Many scenes in novels have been sparked by the right image. Come visit my Pinterest page, and take anything you find useful.




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