Behind on Blogs

I’m at least four blogs behind and saw this word/photo challenge, https://dailypost.wordpress.com/challenge-instructions/. These little blogs will be short and random, but most of mine are like that anyway.

Define the word elusive.

First kisses are like that.

Maybe a brother falling in love with his new baby sister on first sight,


Or two friends who like each other so much they exchange that first real boy/girl kiss.


My first thought was of that magical moment when you fall totally in love forever. Like a boy and girl at the end of the perfect date, when they really look at each other for the first time, seeing all the way to the core of that other’s being and know, they don’t want to live without this feeling of love. Which always leads to their first kiss.


All these feelings are elusive – hard to recapture. Like the perfect image of the ever more elusive butterfly – landing on the right flower. If we don’t see, snap, and save them, are they lost forever? I say no, they are always there as teasing, elusive memories.






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