Life is Fleeting

Summertime, and the living is easy. https://youtu.be/A8eLHZXv-60

At least it’s supposed to be. I sit here, doing my usual search for how to move forward. On a day like today, I would love to hire someone to help promote me, to build a working funnel, and a better webpage. Only two things stop me. Money first, everyone who is out hawking their services claim their method has made them rich. But I don’t want to pay a big training charge and add a monthly fee to pay for the rest of my life, to help them stay there. The second thing, is unlike the beauty lounging with her graceful hands in the water, I don’t have a daring or trusting bone in my body. This is what I imagine is below the surface.


Danger, Beware

Like this fit guy on his paddle board, I keep wondering if you encounter a shark, or a school of them, how do you proceed to get back to shore and safe ground. After my little episode with the computer this week, I know I lack the skills to make it back safely. So I sit here, like a little turtle stuck in its shell. Wishing and dreaming, but never sticking my nose out to move forward. Well, at least inside, I can retreat into my imagination and just write.


Many of you have looked at the Internet and taken the plunge for self-promotion. Please share what method you use and whether or not you are happy with it.



2 thoughts on “DARE TO”

  1. Scary, isn’t it. I won a consultation with an expert on funnelling and don’t have the site to benefit, but I am jumping in with the sharks. Have just purchased a new domain name, and will create a WordPress site and get back to the funnelling guru and see what I can create.


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