Traveling On

We’ve been rambling down life’s highways a lot this week. Actually traveling since last Saturday and we’re so glad to be home. This morning the skies were blue with only a few puffy clouds, and the trees and grass were rich and green. A hot, perfect summer day, with the radio on, us reminiscing with each song, and the air conditioner blowing. Bliss. When Elvis crooned “Don’t Be Cruel,” and we both sang along, the world looked like a peaceful dirt road in the country, with nothing in sight but a bunny or deer somewhere.

Reality Check

What it was like, was endless traffic slowdowns, interspersed with long busy highways. They looked more like this.9595818-mmmain

We were actually listening to talk radio with people arguing about how the Republican Convention was going.  Aggravating enough for us to stay awake with early in the day.

But when we found a good classics channel, we could smile, sing, and just remember. Listening to Simon and Garfunkel when they were still in harmony, we seemed to glide along.

Keeping Reality at Bay

I think life is so sweet and beautiful most of the time, sharing it with my best friend and husband. It can take a moment to feel it when you’re tired and achy and have an eight hour car trip to get through. But find the right tunes and all the rest slips away. You’re left with just the sweet music and the love. Next time you’re in the car, try it.








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