Reaching for Reassurance

Since I’ve shared my self-doubts before, it should come as no surprise that I worry that retirement might be the wrong time to start a career as a writer. One of the articles in my email  was from Screenwriting University on that very topic. Apparently one shouldn’t despair. Several successful screenwriters broke into the business as late as their mid-thirties to forties. Since I’m well beyond that, didn’t feel too reassured.

Who Decides How Old Is “Too Old” for a Screenwriter?

Searching Harder

On line, found the usual list of 10 to 20 people who became successful at an older age. Most end with Harlan Sanders, age 62, when he made $2M from his fried chicken franchise. But I’m well beyond that age and not interested in frying anything.

Found a better list on Business Insider and saw two who inspired me. Since they started later than me and made big successes in the creative arts, figure there is still plenty of room to hope. Grandma Moses, was an artist who started painting at 72 and sold a painting for $1.2 M. Harry Bernstein, a lifelong writer, whose memoir was written at age 96, became a bestselling author.

Old Dog, New Trick

When we reached the sushi restaurant, I watched the three grandchildren ordering sushi, Grandpa, and my son also. Of course I chickened out and ordered Kung Pau stir fry. Way too spicy – just what I deserve.

Afterward, we went to an Indian Ice Cream place for desert. They offered fascinating choices – Pista Kulfi, Lychee, Mango, Anjeer, Kesar Pista and lots of other wonderful, strange concoctions. Everyone ordered something. I ordered strawberry – absolutely delicious.

Had a wonderful time visiting. Realize that all the limits on my life are ones that I’ve set. Still not ready to be a world traveler. I’m sure I would starve. Still determined to become a successful author.

How about you? What are your goals, limits, and determination?





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