The Legend of Tarzan



 Another weekend out of town visiting family, with a chance to go to the  movies with the grandchildren. They picked a wonderful film to take us to, one that wasn’t all cartoon. Was pleasantly surprised to enjoy this film. Had gone to the movies with them a few weeks back, Finding Dory, and found it pretty, but repetitive. It had great reviews, so I’m sure it was just my view, but she seemed like an annoying, dingbat of a fish.

Todays movie was a nice surprise. Most of the reviews were mixed and Rotten Tomatoes threw several its way. I’ve always loved the Tarzan story, had enjoyed reading a couple of the books by Edgar Rice Burroughs. But I could not imagine how, if the script was true to the novels, it could be made today. 

Found it a very active, visually stunning film with a little too much CGI magic. Tarzan (played by the yummy Alexander Skarsgård) was physically believable in the role. He was tight lipped as Lord Greystoke, a man of even fewer words when back in the Congo battling the menacing Belgium (played by Christoph Waltz). Waltz was my favorite villain of the year, smart, dapper, and absolutely evil. Jane, the actress (Margot Robbie) was a fantastic, exciting version, and an equal partner to Tarzan. I loved the beauty of the film, the African plains, and the steaming jungle. Liked all the scenes with the natives, who had been given well-rounded and important roles for a change. Samuel L. Jackson was great as an American fighting for a people on the verge of enslavement and extinction.

Movie magic made the film possible, but overran the story at the end. Loved each leap from a precipice into the jungle canopy. Loved the romantic scenes, the incredible scene with lions, and even the peaceful elephants. But the race with the ostriches and the final scenes were overdone. The special effects reminded me a little of a video I watched called Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Slayer. Dramatic, over the top, fun to watch – but totally unbelievable. Shame they tried to pack another film in the last ten minutes, because this was just a wonderful version of Tarzan. Enjoyed it as much as watching Johnny Weissmuller and Maureen O’Sullivan years ago in the Tarzan/Jane roles, now that was animal chemistry.



Boys picked one of my favorite spots, Steak & Shake. They had never eaten there, so we all had fun.  Enjoyed watching them try to win a milkshake race, a lot more than eating raw fish.  Granddaughter and Grandpa have already made plans for Sushi tomorrow.


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