Haven’t written a new script in over two years. I’ve been distracted by writing novels and publishing on Amazon. Still enjoy learning more about it. Next to songwriting, it is the most demanding form of writing with the highest pay per written word. Learned that from a speaker at our writer’s conference once.

Enjoying the presenters on the, today being the fourth day. Listen to webinars instead of music sometimes, while working. Wrote another 1500+ words on Wild Violets today, makes nearly 16,000 during camp and brings the book total to about 45,000. Too slow, but forward.

Only listened to one session tonight, Marc Manus, a literary manager to screenwriters and agents. His advice was brutally honest. To succeed, you have to be on social media, you have to be willing and able to build contacts, and you have to be a partner in selling your projects and ideas. Just like in publishing and music these days, the artists have to be their own promoters. They will help to push someone forward if they are already getting attention, winning prizes, have built a big network, or are getting millions of shares on their films on YouTube etc.

Always makes me feel like that little red hen. If you are going to do all the work yourself, why not keep all the profits. He named several major artists who do that, who don’t have representation. Believe Clint Eastwood was one of them.

The best advice he had was to always be reading the scripts that are winning and selling, and always be writing something new.


Not certain sometimes how artistic are my endeavors, but the desire is there to create something that will resonate with others and be memorable.

When the world is full of terror and strife and the soldiers of Satan are busy plowing through carefree crowds in Nice, one needs to escape to a different kind of world. Prayers for those in the path of this senseless chaos.

It’s a reminder of how important artists, musicians, and writers are to help us escape the terror.

Happy Birthday Gustav Klimt

Twitter was full of tweets about this artist tonight. Born 154 years ago, the Austrian symbolist painter was banned early in his life for his erotic depictions of women. Not sure, see so much worse on television these days, difficult to be shocked by a bare breast when it’s part of a Super Bowl half-time game.

Think most of his images are incredibly beautiful, and love the way he captures the emotion of love and family. It’s a transient and a difficult thing to capture, and it’s still shimmering there in his pictures to see and feel. Notice his work is still for sale on hundreds of sites. When you’re still being shared, criticized, and adored after all these years, you’ve done something pretty artistic.

Would love to know who your favorite artist is, and or see, your favorite Klimt image.


7 thoughts on “ARTISTIC ENDEAVORS”

  1. A lot like writing, where 5% make 95% of the money. Still, it’s like buying a lottery ticket, it lets you have some mighty nice dreams. If you create a new book or script, you are at least pursuing a big goal.


  2. I have several more books planned, but am stalled a bit in the writing. But my goal, in any writing I do, is exactly what you said, to “create something that will resonate with others.” Thanks so much for coming to visit me today! It was great to see you there.

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    1. Thanks, glad you stopped by as well. Posting blogs is like putting a message in a bottle and setting it adrift in the ocean, hoping it finds someone someday.


    2. Anna, I’ve got over twenty things up on Amazon the last two years. I find the best thing to do is take one at a time, finish it, polish and edit it, and post that one, then move on to another. I’ve tried to write more than one thing at a time, was a disaster. I pretty much have to get one thing written to have room for another in my head. When I have others pop up (as they always do), I just jot down a few notes and get to it later. Things need a lot of simmering time before you can write them anyway.


  3. You said in your post “Not certain sometimes how artistic are my endeavors, but the desire is there to create something that will resonate with others and be memorable.” Trust me, the fact you have written anything is art to me. That’s huge! I can barely write anything without loads and loads of help! Just keep writing. I suspect creativity is like a muscle that simply needs to be exercised to get better.

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