A Strained Analogy

I’ve been blessed (cursed) with an overactive imagination. If I’m not working on a story, I tend to worry and fret about nonsensical or inconsequential things. I’m definitely happiest if I have access to paper and pen, or better yet, my computer. I’ve rarely experienced writer’s block, but when I do, I try to turn the block into something else – like these wood artists have done.


Artistic Expression

I’ve been listening to the genresummit.com this week. It is listed as an online genre film event and is free. It runs from July 11-15, but you can pay to download and listen to the webinars later.

So far, it has been mostly about horror film, but it does show Indie-filmmakers working on their art. They each have to turn an idea that they love into a product they can earn a living from.  Amazingly, they have to write, produce the film, then work at selling the work to be considered successful artists. Like writers – the words are just words until there is a finished product that reaches a reader or viewer. It is even more competitive than the self-publishing world.


Unique Expression or Perspective

They may all start with wood, but artists can shape it into many fantastic things, some more useful than others. Shant Hamassian (Armenian) pointed out, “Audiences want something original, they are sick of reboots, they want something from a different perspective.”

I’ve always felt writing was like that. We may all write a love or murder story, but we each look at it through different windows – our own point of view. Our originality is the most valuable thing we have to offer to our readers.


Writing with Finesse

Of course, every artist has a different degree of finesse (intricate and refined delicacy).  Kevin Glover advised screenwriters to keep writing, editing to finesse their ideas so they become more than the outline. Adding additional arcs for your characters can make it more interesting and help get you noticed.

I’m not sure I’ll ever gain enough finesse. I’m getting better at editing and polishing, but I am a woman of limited patience. It does become easier with experience, hence the importance of challenges like this Ultimate Blog Challenge.

I found all these wood creations amazing, although some seem more useful or sophisticated than others. Would love to hear which one you like best and why.



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