In journalism class, I learned the pen is mightier than the sword and newspapers buy ink by the barrel. Look at our government, started and founded on the writings of a few persuasive free thinkers. Men have created great and terrible governments and religions by their ideas written, published, and shared freely. I dare you to stop at only ten examples.



My mind is always bubbling with thoughts that need expression. Writing them down relieves the necessity of talking about them. Writing is a great way to capture wayward thoughts.



Writing helps me clarify my thoughts and figure out what I think or feel about my personal world. Whenever life is difficult, I love to escape into another world, where someone is facing my particular problem. Then they can figure out how to solve the problem for me or help me understand and accept what I’m feeling.



When we’re feeling alone or unloved, we can write a story. One where we have friends or family who love and care about us,  or a story that lets us  experience the pain and glory of falling in love again.



When you write, you create a world, a time, a group of people that did not exist before. That act of creation is as close to magic as a person can experience in real life. It is real power.



Writing gives you a chance to get it down right. To explain things that should be explained, illuminate unique thoughts, reveal emotion, and truth as only you can do it.



Some one once said they wrote because kidnapping people and forcing them to act out your interesting make-believe worlds is technically illegal. Hope it was a screenwriter.



 I write to not lose those little glimmers during the night. Writing lets me be better, stronger, braver than I could ever be in real life (also thinner, younger, and a whole lot smarter). Capturing these glimmers on paper lets me relive those heroic moments.



I write because I hope to provide a reader an escape from their reality into a different life with hopes they’ve never had, love they’ve never experienced, adventures they would not dare to make. I want to make them happier and more content, to inspire them to do and be more, and finally,  I write to delight them.



I write because I’m a reader and I want to be the creator of a big, fat stack of books, books I haven’t read before.


7 thoughts on “10 REASONS TO WRITE”

  1. I have a big fat stack of books I haven’t read before even though I read and write daily. Thanks for the reminder. Hope you have a great day. 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog, too. Hope you enjoyed it. 🙂

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