I’m a day behind in the Ultimate Blog Challenge, a week behind on my CampNaNoWriMo challenge and writing the next Mountain Wives book. Easy to procrastinate.


Yesterday’s assignment was to share an image and why it’s one of your favorites. This image is pinned more than any on my Pinterest Site (, think its on over 748 other people’s boards now. I didn’t create it, copied it from

I think it’s a wonderful image, but I suspect it’s because of the comment I wrote. (Wonder if he knows the bear is back there?Hope he didn’t find out the hard way.)

The biker and the bear are both beautiful and it is a good picture. But doesn’t it make you wonder too? Bears can run over thirty miles per hour, average bicyclist goes 20 mph. Although on a speed bike in the Tour de France, the average speed is 49+ km/hr (about 30mph),  and going downhill they can go up to 65 km/hr (about 40 mph).

I found conflicting reports of running speed of bears from 30 to 40 mph, although the top running speed recorded for a big grizzly was 34.8 mph. Makes it a pretty dramatic race!


I love story. Have read all my life with an absolute hunger for it. Unfortunately, I see stories everywhere – in life, in the news, on the internet and I want to know how they end. They keep me awake at night and when they do, I almost always have to write them to make the questions go away.

I may have it more severely than most – but I think all humans love a good story and want to know how it ends. In the best of stories, I think the bicyclist notices the bear in time and speeds up going downhill and outruns him. My happy ending for this image.

In the real world, runners and bikers are attacked by bears and mountain lions because their motion triggers the predator instinct in the animals. Many are killed or horribly maimed. It looks like a very lonely, cold stretch of highway. So it could have gone the other way. I don’t know, and apparently neither do the people who copied the pin. But when I look at the image I get to wonder and make up my own ending, as do all those people pinning it.

Would love to hear from other pinners, especially on what you think the ending was.




3 thoughts on “ALWAYS WONDERING”

  1. I never knew bears were so fast! I would be riding for all I was worth if I were the biker! YIKES! When I was about four, I remember seeing bears in the Smoky Mountains come up to the side of the road. Crazy parents would take their toddlers and set them on the bear’s shoulders and take their pictures. Can you imagine?


    1. Always looking, never spotted a bear there except in a cage. There used to be one in Gatlinburg that would drink a Yoo-Hoo for you.

      I think that’s called Darwinism, or natural selection. Some clever person used to write books and present the Darwin Award to the person killed the dumbest way that year. The number of stupid ways people throw away their lives seems endless.

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