It is late again tonight, meant to do this earlier. Found a video two days ago and posted it on Facebook. Lesson today on how to post on WordPress. not sure if this will ever work. Technology scares me.

Lessons Learned

  1. Even adorable cute pandas can drive you crazy
  2. Need the patience of a saint to work with young animals or children
  3. Persistence on any job can lead to success

 New Project

Considering what to write next series about – assuming I will finish the current book and the series soon.

Children of the West – featuring  stories of the children of the characters in my first series, Western Wives. Would be set in mid 1880’s or later – another era so a lot for me to research.

Civil War Wives – I’ve enjoyed researching and writing about widows. If a single girl had a precarious situation in the 1800’s, it was even worse for a widowed woman. There were few opportunities for self-supporting careers other than menial labor. Many were dependent on men who did not see the need for marriage. Most had children or close kin depending on them too – now the father, brother, or son was gone. There were hundreds of thousands of them, many who migrated west for a chance at a better life.

Pinkerton Agents – Before there were police, there were special detectives, the Pinkertons. Would be a series written from the male point of view. More Victorian setting. Again, would involve a lot of research.


What kind of novels or settings fascinate you? I’ve been happy writing this Mountain Wives series – suggested by fan, JoAnn Black. It’s a setting I love, and I’m having fun exploring life during the 1850’s.



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