Planned to write two chapters today, at least three thousand words. Wrote 894, and the few that will be this blog. Since it’s after midnight, guess it doesn’t count for the 7th anyway. I must confess, I was led into temptation by listening to too many webinars on how to make money on the Internet. Think I’ve listened to three (replays – never remember to listen to the live broadcasts, even if I set a reminder). As pointed out, I’ve never been good at selling anything, never wanted to sell anything. But tonight, if I were honest, I’d have to admit, I would love to have a day where I sell a hundred books.

It means not just blogging, but figuring out an opt-in page with an irresistible give-away as a hook, an email campaign, Facebook ads, an up-sale at the end of my funnel, etc.. Hence my wasting time listening to the spell-binders who know how to do all those things.

Dottor Faustus


Unlike Faust in this little etching, I’ve resisted all but one. I bought a system last year, when they promised it was a one-time fee of $99 and would do all those things to promote my books and bring me tons of loyal readers. It didn’t, and they wanted the same fee this year again – definitely not. Several are offering thousands of dollars worth of training for cut-rate prices. Only a $1000, or $497, or $99, or $27. Suspect they are all the same boiler-plate offer. As my husband says, if they were really making $2 million a year from their web site, they wouldn’t need to sell to poor writers like me.

Still, there is the lure of writing a book in 10 hours and making thousands every month from it. Trouble is, it means making the money from some poor dreamer who can’t afford it, any more than I can. Tonight, if I’d signed up for all of them, I would have access to all those secrets. How to write a best seller, promote it, and earn millions, and all  for about $2300. Think only the $27 was a one-time fee, others, monthly amounts. Apparently, the biggest way to make money these days is selling to gullible fools.



I listened as intently as to a Politician in full-froth or an Evangelist out to pray for my soul for a monthly pledge of … I do love the rhythm of the sales pitch, the enthusiasm it raises for actually doing something someday. But it stole time and concentration from my writing and I will try to resist tomorrow. Hope to catch up in my CampNaNoWriMo count.

I find it easy to resist the temptation to give some millionaire all my money, but I did succumb to chocolate cake again. After all, it’s national chocolate day and I’m very patriotic.







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