Internet Woes


Appear to have committed another internet crime. I’m locked out of my WordPress site. Most inconvenient since I’m doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge again this month. Yesterday’s post had more response than usual, hope that’s not the reason. Did get onto the site around noon to reply to comments and update my list of books. Have spent a rather frustrating day googling ‘why am I locked out,’ but the responses are too technical for me to understand enough to resolve the issue. Will just pray it opens up again, so I can move this post there.


Internet Rules are posted everywhere, in those mile long streams we have to agree to before using a site. I confess I never read them. Ignorance of them is no excuse, I know, but if I read more than a few sentences I can’t use anything on the web. It’s surrender all rights to complain or do not tread here. I ran afoul of Twitter law last year off and on. Was following too many more than I had followers and it wouldn’t let me add anyone for days at a time. Have been in the black there so far this year and I hope it continues. Also had trouble with Pinterest this morning, but was able to gain access around noon. Contacted Windows and they assured me it wasn’t their problem. Love customer service. Anyway, I must have looked pitiful enough to my computer camera because it let me into both programs. Hope it wasn’t just a teaser moment and I’ll have to learn another website how-to set up, etc. Just want to write, not mess with all this stuff.


On the topic of trying to sell what I write and my feelings of inadequacies, I did find an interesting article that compared the difference between marketing and selling. At least there was no technical lingo, but this is a rather risqué image and I’m hoping that’s a maple leaf.

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