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I remember when I was a kid, maybe eleven or twelve, one of my sisters and I tried selling personalized greeting cards door-to-door. We were going to sell them and get rich.  I was in charge of sales and she seemed to be in charge of the money.

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So excited to do it, loved the catalog of cards and looking at how pretty they all were. Some felt silky, others embossed, or with pretty cut-outs and intricate edges, and the best were sprinkled with glitter. Liked walking along, carrying the sample book and knocking on doors. Fascinated to see  in stranger’s houses, to see how other people lived. But when it came time to ask them to buy, to really go into someone’s home and show them the cards and tell them what a great deal they were getting, I felt suddenly shy and hated doing it.

There were very few who closed the door in our faces. Most were nice, bored housewives who liked the excuse to take a break and look at the cards. I liked talking about the cards and pointing out their special details. It was easy to explain how they could include a printed signature or not, whichever they liked. They could even have their return address printed on the envelopes. All that was easy. But I hated explaining the price and asking them to buy.

It might have been that I realized the cards were overpriced, worried maybe they couldn’t afford them, or just sat knowing they were going to come up with some polite way to say no.  Anyway, I realized then I was never going to be a salesman.


I love writing, escaping to another world, following wonderful characters as they deal with impossible problems and danger. I even like publishing the books. It’s a lot like any craft, there is great satisfaction in making and creating a project.  I work hard at the editing, formatting, and creating the covers. Writing the copy is hard, but I like the challenge.

But selling them, asking someone to buy something that I’ve worked so hard to create, well, it’s always difficult for me.


Taking part in the Great American Western Romance Week has not been difficult . The organizer set everything up and I’m sure sent me some wonderful emails about what to do. I did save the one with the date I was scheduled to blog on and did get a post submitted. Managed to delete all the details on how to enter for prizes. We were gone for a week and I accidentally ? deleted about 500 emails when I came home.

But since I’m giving away four autographed paperbacks, will try not to feel embarrassed for asking you to comment on the blog at in order to win.

There are a lot of prizes (all free) books, gift cards, even a Kindle Fire being given away. It runs all week and all you have to do to win is comment on the blogs. Believe this is the link to the Kindle Fire drawing,


How do you feel about selling things? I know many people love to do it.  In our new world, everyone is supposed to dream of being an entrepreneur and creating something that will make them rich. It all requires selling that something. Would love to hear from you.





7 thoughts on “Blog Post Hopping”

  1. I don’t mind mind trying to sell products I really believe in because I’ve used them myself or would want to. When I worked in a bookstore, my boss liked to keep me on the floor because I’d read so many of the books we were selling and I was good at hand selling them. I had certain customers who trusted me and would ask me what they should read next. I really enjoyed those days.

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  2. I am both. I have been both sales and managing teams. For me the difference is when I sell myself or someone else’s product. Selling myself is a totally different ball game – that said i also noticed I am usually less prepared – “knowing the product so well” 😉

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      1. Yes – commerce can be either completely whole hearted and peace bringing – or – pull out all junk and bad we keep accepting and tell ourselves – as a community we have a lot to learn from those lessons

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  3. Would love to have the knack. Always feel like I’m taking one of my children to kindergarten for the first day when I publish. I want everyone to love them the way I do, and of course that is impossible.


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