4th of July

Independence day is more than an occasion to practice our flag waving. Although as I ran around today preparing for company and cooking out, I saw a lot of flags. They were displayed as a wrap on the back window of a pick-up truck, dangled from the tailgates of jeeps and trucks, mounted like funeral flags on the front of a car. Saw them at most businesses, several homes, and one dangling from a crane at a flea market. All were inspiring.


I’ve also read several inspirational posts on Twitter and Facebook. This is the link to my favorite, written by history professor Troy D. Smith.


Will be first up tomorrow for the Great American Western Romance Week. Excited, and totally unprepared. If you want to ask a question about why I write, or what I write, or anything about a particular story or book, tomorrow will be your chance. Think I’m supposed to be on my Facebook page,, so will show up there first. Did learn that to enter to win my set of 4 paperbacks, you need to comment on my blog post on Facebook. Think you need to visit the to sign up for the rest. The group is giving away a Kindle Fire and most writers have free books or other wonderful prizes. Great American Western RomanceAuthorRibbon

Maybe between spitting out watermelon seeds, or picking the corn from your teeth after the barbecue, you can drop by and say howdy.


4 thoughts on “INDEPENDENCE DAY”

    1. Romances are the best-selling genres these days. The most successful are the ones with virginal heroines (usually a mail-order bride) who kisses the hero at the end. The other big sellers seem to be the borderline-erotica, really steamy novels with detailed sex scenes. Unfortunately, I write neither of these. I love researching history and imagining life in simpler times. Feel more balanced when I’m writing rather than just keeping the story in my head. I love to write and publishing a few of them makes it even more fun. Be sure to comment on blog posted at for a chance to win the four autographed books by me.


    1. We’ve bought two this years that have seeds. So much redder and sweeter than those seedless pink ones. Hope you had a great fourth of July. Remember to comment on blog posted at for a chance to win the four autographed books by me. There are a lot of other prizes and books from other authors too, including a Kindle fire.


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