NEW NOVEL: Widow Mouse



Happy weekend, I have another book up on Amazon. Like my other recent books, it is free in Kindle Unlimited.

I’ve really enjoyed writing this series. The time period and setting fascinate me, as it was a turbulent period historically in America. Kyles Ford in Hancock County, Tennessee, feels isolated in time. My girl from Niagara Falls, in upstate New York, has a little fish-out-of-water experience in adjusting. Of course, many of the characters from Wildwood Flower have roles in this story as well, even the interesting Melungeons and my moonshiners. This is the description of the book I posted on Kindle.

Mountain Wives Series: Book Two
Jeanne’s father runs a trading post. When a hunter named Henri LeSouris, the mouse, offers his furs for one of the man’s five daughters. Jeanne is traded and wed, with the promise that she won’t be beaten or abused.
Henri is patient and gentle with the young girl, but he keeps moving in search of good hunting from the Alleghenies down through the Appalachian mountain chain. He finally settles in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, when pregnant Jeanne can travel no further.
The store owner, Jasper Sykes, is a veteran of the Spanish-American war. When Henri LeSouris goes missing, killed and believed eaten by a bear, Jeanne becomes homeless. Jasper is nearly deaf, tall and intimidating to the young woman and most of his neighbors. Although he offers Jeanne and her newborn son food and shelter, he demands she pay off her husband’s debt.
Jeanne, called Widow Mouse, is shunned at first by the close knit community of Kyles Ford. She is a northerner, a widow living with a bachelor, Catholic, and perhaps worst of all, she can read and write.
Isolated, she learns Jasper isn’t an ogre, just shy and hard of hearing. She tries to help him overcome his handicap. But can such a strange couple ever find love and happiness?
I will be forever grateful that a fan, Joanna Black, asked for another mountain story like the one in my short story, The Revenooer. It’s fun for an old hillbilly like me to remember the world where I grew up, even if it was a hundred years after the setting for these books. I hope if you read the book and enjoy it, you will take the extra time to leave a kind review.




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