Trying to finish a novel these days is getting harder, not easier for me. Worked on Widow Mouse, my second in the Mountain Wives Series, all through March, finished the novel during April’s CampNaNoWriMo. In the summer camps, you can set your own goal – rather than having to finish 50,000 words like in the traditional November competition. Set a goal to write the second 35,000 words to finish my work in progress. Reached the goal and the first draft. Did a quick reread and added another seven thousand words to it. Now, have edited all week. Today finished my second comprehensive edit and just need to format it before sending it to Beta Readers. If I get it done tonight, will send a few copies out, but think I should probably do a printed read through first.

Part of writing, the joy part for me, is creating a unique sympathetic character with an interesting, almost unsolvable problem. I don’t want to rewrite some story I’ve read that someone else created. As a life-long reader, I came to writing as a way to find something I would enjoy reading. But now, I am finding it very hard to turn off my inner critic. When I was writing for my own pleasure only, not worrying about publishing and selling books, words were just pouring out. Problem, now that I am publishing them, many of the stories are a little out there (most of my new work is on sale on Kindle at . The two fantasy novels, Glitter of Magic, and Glimmer of Moonlight, were quickly written, but harder to sell. Then there are the scripts to novels –High Desert Danger, Voodoo-I Do (Bride of a Zombie), and Chimera Pass — which are admittedly strange.  I have two in my Ghost Warrior series and the hero Ouray wants a third book, but I’m still resisting. So these days I’m always thinking about pleasing my readers, not just me. Since I’m not sure what they want to read, it’s harder.  Also becoming more serious about editing my work, slows the writing, because I know if it’s a total mess, it will take longer to rewrite, edit, and get into book form.

Am participating in a little group with the James Patterson Class. Submitted an entry in the big co-author with James contest. Did not place. Great exercise and I found the interaction with other writers in the group very stimulating. We have our own project and I need to create a story for it, also need to keep up with critiquing other members work.  Am also participating in two local writers’ groups. The Foxleaf Group has an Anthology project and I need to get on top of it soon. Being a conscientious doer, these are always at the back of my mind, creating a little guilt.

I am going to be producing less this year, and taking more time with each project. Good news, finishing a novel is now at the front of the line and the new book should be up my the middle of May. If you would like to help by being a Beta Reader, (read it in a week and send back feedback), just send me your email address at and I will send you a copy of the new book in either MOBI or PDF format.



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