Am I too Old to Make a Go?

Inspired to share my emotional roller-coaster ride the last two months after reading this nice article by C.S.Larkin. How Writers Can Take a Lesson from Late-Blooming Writers.

Felt so excited on finishing Wildwood Flower, my novel I released in January. It is set in Appalachia where I grew up, with characters I found fascinating. Most emotional book I’ve written to date, but I made it through to the end and loved it. Then a fan helped me tremendously by noting many errors in the posted copy. A month of editing later, I felt at peace and ready to write again.

Spoiler alert. Then I listened to a Podcast by Sterling & Stone where they discussed self-publishing. I think they went on for about ten minutes, at least it resonated that long for me, about the unforgivable sin of writing a romance where the hero dies. When I asked the Pioneer Hearts Facebook group, they quickly concurred. One writer even said “she would throw such a book against the wall and never read the author again.”

So, I moved WF from historical romance to the historical category and crossed my fingers. Sales have been slow. Don’t think any of my fans have found the book in the new category, since most of my sales have been in Western Christian Romance. Most readers stick to a single genre. Time will tell. Here is the revised cover and categories. I’m still proud of the book and love the story as much as when I had the first glimmer for the idea. It is a tale of love, marriage, and new love, and does have a HEA (happy ever after) ending like a romance should. Selling in this hugely competitive world is a daunting challenge, but I intend to keep trying.





Just learned this on the H.M. Ward Facebook page. Some of you have mentioned having trouble posting reviews. maybe this will help.