Another Fairy Tale

FirstChristmasElf4Published an illustrated children’s story, The First Christmas Elf, on Amazon (  It’s about a lonely little orphan whose heart is full of love. He wants a family, but of course, he happens to be an elf whose first magic has gone horribly wrong. Completed the Kindle version and the Create Space one on the same day, but it takes longer for the paperback version on Create Space to become active. The illustrations were created from a single image or combined images within the Creative Commons sites, where it is free to modify, share, and use them commercially. As I have for all my covers, I used the free Photoshop knock-off, Gimp, to combine the images. Not sure they will be good enough in the printed version, but I love to read a story that has a picture for the child to look at and talk about while you’re reading. Wish I were more artistic, I would draw them.

Wanted to have something new up for Christmas, and I’m not getting my next western romance completed in time. Listening to Maybelle Carter again tonight, along with Jimmie Rodgers, and Johnny Cash, etc. Love her song Wildwood Flower, and am using the same title for my book. Thankfully, one cannot copyright a title.

It’s a real disappointment to me that I can only create a new book every three or four months. Have used my reserve of work written just after retirement. Now  most of it is posted, need to write faster. I’m not that disciplined. Love being retired and doing as I please. Having to adjust to writing for others. Still, my mind takes flight and I have to pause and let it play. Some of the characters from my first Western Series are really wanting books. Hard to hold back from writing them, but trying to stay focused and finish this one. Perhaps the next will be a sequel to one of my mysteries, but probably another western, since they have been the ones to sell.

 This new book is in KDP Select. That means it is free if you have Kindle Unlimited or Kindle Prime. Of course, I need reviews, and it is a very short read.

Repairmen still banging around the house for a few more days. I’m writing in a corner of my living room with my bedroom furniture all around me and down the hall. One of the men putting in the hardwood floors, asked if I would have room if they just set the bigger pieces in the hall.  I assured them it would be fine, but it is a tight squeeze. Next year, I have to work harder on losing weight.

Wishing you peace in these troubled times.3a93b4f4e3a1a76369109af2914eddba


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