Some sing (Which are you today?)

Wanted to figure out the bird thing to post on Twitter, but did not. Thought I’d share here.

Love Christmas and everything about this holiday. Trying, although it is going slowly, to get one of my old stories ready to publish as a children’s book on Kindle. Not an artist so illustrations are a bear but I am still working on it.

Other project is finishing Wildwood Flower. Wrote all October, now all through November. Hoping to finish this week. If anyone would like to be a beta reader, please give me a holler and I’ll email you a copy as soon as I have an edited draft.

Also taking part in a group edit on our little novel project on the James Patterson site. Really fun and challenging activity.

About the Advent Calendar. I like Christmas decorations, baking, and buying gifts for the people that I love. Since this used to be one of my children’s favorite things to do, excited to take part. Each day they would argue (although they both knew) whose day it was to open the little door and get the piece of chocolate.

Cake & Quill, a Facebook group I joined a couple of months ago, have been very busy. Angelika Rust has organized another project, an Advent Calendar on the groups website. ( have a flash story under one of the little doors. Hope you will visit the site and enjoy.


2 thoughts on “ADVENT CALENDAR”

  1. Elizabeth, I adore you. So appreciate your reading these, otherwise feel I’m shouting in a vacuum. I think it is a cute idea. Wasted time today looking for another short story to send, but never found it. Check the calendar out at Angelika runs the facebook group and does a great job of getting things done.


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