Happy Thanksgiving

Hard to believe it’s been so long since I blogged. Intended to blog at least once a week, but without a deadline or competition, I find it much harder to be good. If anyone is interested in a certain topic,  then I will commit to post a blog everyday next year. Think that might work out better than just a random diary.

I am striving to finish Wildwood Flower. Have written everyday this month, but am about three thousand words short of finishing the challenge on time. Need to stop writing now so I can sweep and dust for company, and another trip to the supermarket tonight.  Hope to get to write tomorrow, but it looks iffy,  since have family coming expecting a great dinner. Family are always first.

Just wanted to wish all of you a happy feast day tomorrow with people you love.


Retirement – how to maximize your joy in every day and interviews with other seniors who have figured it out

Writing – creative prompts and curated forum for all the great stuff already available out there on writing

Personal blogs – my goals and progress as I write

Any suggestions of interesting topics from you are welcome.  I find my life a little too boring to write about everyday.

Love all of you. Hope you are well and happy.



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