October Over

flying #sunset:

Another blog challenge over. Believe this makes 31 posts. For me, I’m going to count it challenge met. This makes the second time I have blogged every day (almost – 31 posts, but not one every day). According to all the marketing gurus – I should be adding followers, winning friends, and influencing people.

Not so much.

It is probably that I am not searching for valuable content to share before writing. The trend now is to do what one does on Pinterest, repost the great content with a different heading and a sentence or two summary. Not seeing how this increases the world’s sum total knowledge or actually is beneficial.

The experts say to make sure what you post benefits your readers. Once again, have to wonder what my mythical readers and few fans want to read – what would help you. I hear silence. All I can share is my experience post retirement with writing and self-publishing. I try to do that honestly, hoping to find something inspiring to share. But I’m afraid I’m living a rather uninspiring life – although certainly a happy and satisfied one.

I should be collecting email by offering you a worksheet, booklet, book, song, or new hat or something like that. Intend to work one of these up someday, but not convinced it will work. I sign up to get these sometimes, but then unsubscribe when people send me ads asking me to buy things. I’m retired, I don’t buy a lot these days.

Sending you love and hope your life is happy and satisfying too.

I hope to post something once a week for awhile, just like after the last challenge. If I have amazing news, I’ll share.

Want to use my time to write. Have about 35,000 words written on the new novel, hoping to finish it and start another during NaNoWriMo. That begins tomorrow. Tallyho!


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