James Patterson Flash 2


Although I didn’t post a blog last night, this will make my second today. Maybe I can do a couple tomorrow and meet that little challenge too.

I did write a second scene for the James Patterson Flash, a group writing assignment as part of that class. Enjoyed doing the first scene so much, eagerly (idiotically) volunteered to try a second. Have no idea what the whole novel will reveal, although with people posting their scenes, I have a rough idea. It is basically a story of Temptation and sin. Will wait to read the last chapters to learn if there is redemption at the end of the book.

I think it was being part of the group and taking part in writing blindly that made this fun. Hope there will be another challenge like it.

Last night I managed to copy my scene to a drive and carry to my husband’s computer (which has the land line) and post it. No idea if it arrived in time but if the deadline was midnight, I made it with an hour to spare. Woke and sent it again when home from Y, in case it didn’t make it the night before.

Don’t know if my efforts were good enough or will be included in the final work. Fingers crossed.  I am supposed to be part of another Anthology, this one  by the Cake and Quill group. Looking forward to the launch party for the new book tomorrow. Will definitely blog about the experience later. All funds from book sales will go to charity.


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