Halloween Party

Participated in my first book launch party as one of the hosts. Interesting experience. Only had to be on line for half an hour but spent time checking into the site before and after to try to figure out what was expected. We posted a short piece about our story in the new anthology, Gift from the Dark, and had an opportunity to talk about our other work and answer any questions. Here is my little introduction piece.

When I was a young writer, I used to clip interesting newspaper articles that sounded like they would make a good story. This began as a piece that appeared in The Knoxville News Sentinel over twenty years ago.

Victims of crime are usually the very young and the very old, not strong and fit people. That’s because criminals are cowards, only concerned with what they want, not how they alter or destroy their victim’s lives.

Most of us assume people grow older and dearer as they age. I’ve always wanted to write a story with an old “Dirty Harry,” who is targeted to be a victim. Used part of this idea in a recent novel, “Killing the Darlings,” http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IRRMO2A, but wondered what would happen if the couple weren’t older and sweeter like the Darlings, but mean, really mean. Hence, this short story, “Vicious People” in the Gifts from the Dark Anthology, “a miscellany of dread.” getBook.at/giftsdark

Nice to meet and get to know the other writer’s in the book a little better, even if at a great distance. It feels strange, posting something and waiting for a reply. The feed is up on Twitter as well as at the new books page, https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10207844251815402&set=gm.870371459718950&type=3&theater

With 50 to 100,000 new books going up on Amazon, each month, it is hard to get any attention. Think the party organizers did a great job setting everything up and taking care of making the video, publishing the book, and announcing its new release. All funds from the book sale will go to charity, to benefit the mentally ill and their families. Happy to be a small part and have another outlet for my writing.

Here, for those who didn’t get enough carved pumpkins tonight. Happy Halloween!



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