Technology Failure


This isn’t a new ball park or flag, but something formed over 8000 years ago that Nasa is calling the Kazakhstan geoglyphs. Pretty remarkable for stone age people with primitive tools, almost like the Nazca lines in Peru. So if they could manage all this, without air ships or tools to lay out their elaborate designs only visible from 430 miles up, why can’t I get along without the Internet?

Our Wi-Fi was out last night. No saving my book chapter to the cloud. No connecting to Word Press to write and post another blog. Instead of feeling guilty, I  felt like I used to when the school announced a Snow Day. I relaxed and did a little dance. I started two days late on this October blogging challenge, so I’m going to finish at least two blogs shy of earning a gold star. Believe me, I can live with it.

Although I love a goal and a challenge, I know by now I’m not going to win everyone that I set. But I’ve always believed in reaching for a goal, striving for perfection. If I don’t reach them (never will perfection), at least I am better in so many ways for making the effort.

Now to face the next big challenge. For the fifth year, I’m going to enter Nanowrimo, just like all the kids at school. I know I’m a little older, but they can’t feel any more eager. I have entered four and finished four. 50,000 words, here I come.


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