Times Flight

Battling Time

When I taught school, one of the first signs I printed and posted on the wall beside the clock read – Time Passes, Will You?  (Alright, I’ve always been a bit of a smart aleck. Maybe more than a bit.)  But when I look at my face in the mirror, it seems as though Salvador Dali has been repainting it. Time is passing too quickly. I have such a long list of things to get done and very little is changing, and what does, is changing far too slowly. Time really is melting away.

My Balance Sheet

I wrote a chapter on the new novel today. (Sounds good, but I’m four behind, so wanted to write two.)

I’m finishing another blog. (I will have almost thirty new ones, but not thirty-one.)

Nanowrimo is galloping toward me, listened to another inspirational podcast by Deb McLeod. She has a free 14 day series at http://debmcleod.com/nanowrimo-events/ (I’ve listened to two.)

We have a wonderful Cookeville Wrimos group, (getting ready for Nano. Meant to participate this year since they meet twice weekly. (I’ve only gone to one meeting all month.)

Hope to finish my current novel during this year’s Nano and start another. (Still haven’t outlined the other.)

Wrote one scene in the James Patterson Flash challenge. Like a nut, I accepted another scene to try. Need to get it written by tomorrow. (I researched it tonight, didn’t write it.)

Well If I weren’t running out of time, I could list a lot more. My list of projects is ambitious, but my get up and get busy is less so every year. At least I keep trying.

Because time passes and I know I will too. I just want to get everything on my list done before my time is up.


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