Wildwood Flower

Writing late and a little slowly, searching for words to express the emotions of my characters. Young, in love, Alma is newlywed and walking away from the only home she has known with no hope of ever seeing her family again. Her Ma died before the wedding, but Alma felt her presence hovering over her all day.  Walking beside her is the strange man she has married, a Melungeon. They are looking at the tall poplars as they walk, talking about Wildwood honey.

Wasted time earlier reading many of the posts from the James Patterson Flash written over the weekend. It was hard to fit it in around family time. Wrote after midnight the first night, woke to edit and post while everyone was drowsy. Revised and sent in on the last day of the visit, again very late at night. Curious to see the finished project. Everyone’s stories have been so interesting. Almost have a vision of the scope of the book. Great seeing it unfold this way, scene by scene. Work is numbered, but the submissions are jumbled and it feels a lot like working a jigsaw puzzle trying to keep it straight.

Long,  rainy day, today. Hoping for a brighter tomorrow.


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