Out of Excuses

Back to Normal

We’re home alone. The cats are thrilled to have our devoted attention again. Beds are changed, laundry done, dishes stored away.

It is quiet. Almost caught up on email, almost. Turned on television first time in three days. Indulged in two episodes of Antique Road Show. Guilty pleasure.

Now, here I sit, ready to write. Blank.

May give myself tonight to sleep, read a little, and hit it hard tomorrow. But I have a book to finish, another to work out for the Nanowrimo challenge. Have only a few days left to get ready.

Exhausted. So happy, that for three days I had the ones I love within hugging reach. Living across country is hard. Have always envied my friends who have children living beside them or at least in town. Lots of extra hugs. Some complain it takes too much time, too much involvement, and it leaves too little time for themselves. I wonder.

It’s so quiet without them.


2 thoughts on “Out of Excuses”

    1. Sheryl, thanks for stopping by. I’m really new at this, not sure what I should be blogging. Did a couple of months this year and feel I could do it everyday, but not sure what I’m accomplishing. Do you blog? What on earth do you write about?


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