James Patterson Masterclass Flash

Taking a class to learn from the biggest, bestselling author of them all, James Patterson. This weekend was the Masterclass Flash! We were given a scene to write in a novel, with two people getting the same scene, and only the information for our own short scene. Each received a list of characters in our scene, a setting location, a lead in on where and when it was set. Then the important moments and the challenge to write a complete scene in first person, past tense in the POV of the main character in the 700 word range.

Received my scene Friday night about 7:30. Due by Sunday. Company arrived Friday. Turned in draft yesterday about 11:00 in the morning. Of course, wrote in third person. I can be such a goober. Submitted first revisions tonight about 11:00 p.m.  Nice challenge.

Last day with family.  Another fantastic homemade dessert from my granddaughter – a yummy coconut cream pie. Another meal out, this time to a steakhouse. I love puzzles and games of all kinds. Really felt the love as they played card games and board games, ending with a double round of Pictionary. With just me and old Grandpa,  it is a rare treat to play more games than I can stand. Loved every minute of it.

I always read a stack of books or stories to the grandchildren when we’re together. It’s our nightly ritual. Tonight my grandsons each read their favorite story to me. What a treat. Love, love, love being Granny.

Grandmas storybook - [someone else's caption]:


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