Wildwood Flower


Played with the cover of the new book today. Not sure what I’ll end up with, but this is the working one. Can’t tell how the book is going. I’m into the story and the characters now, but still at around 30,000 words. I always fall down the rabbit hole into my story world and it is very hard to be objective. Feel blessed that the Western Wives series did well, hoping this book will start another series people will love.

The other series I was working on, my Myth Retold, is not moving. Few people downloading and trying, but still no reviews. As expected, giving away a bunch of books is counterproductive. Maybe when I have fifty books in print, instead of a dozen, it will make a difference, but for now it just seems a waste of effort. I think the glut of free and .99 cent books is very bad for writers. Wish I hadn’t caved and tried it, but it is the first advice in every blog and book on how to sell books on the web. Now I have support for my original opinion.

Visiting family all weekend so may not get to write, we’ll see. Family first.

Hope you are having perfect fall weather too. So nice last night, Jerry and I went out several times to look for meteors. He thinks he might have seen a shooting star, but it could have been a plane. The moon was bright and with street lights and neighbors houses, there was too much light pollution to read the constellations so it’s unlikely he saw one. Will take a peek and then off to bed. Hoping you see your own star and your wish comes true.



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