Reason to read the news

Writers are Worriers

As I pointed out last night, reading the news on the Internet, let alone listening to the colored account of your favorite commentator on the evening network or cable shows, can interfere with writing and sleeping. I finally went to sleep about two last night, up at seven to head to the gym for two hours in the pool. But, I came home and crawled back into bed for a long nap. At least I have my writing for the day done early.

News can give you a story

It can feed that little old writer’s hunger for ideas. Here are three notions from tonight as examples.

Modern day cattle rustlers and the new cattle cops who chase them.

I can see a contemporary western romance, a widow, husband dead in the war, is struggling to keep the ranch going for their son. Texas ranger arrives to help her solve the crime and get her cattle back.

Eight states suffering from droughts and its impact.

It was good enough for a famous movie, Chinatown. The loss in millions is enough to spur a few imaginary shenanigans among officials and citizens that could be the basis for a neat detective novel.

Or, it could be the basis for a green novel,  on the clean water generation by water desalinization plants offshore. The crusaders, who lead California away from water starvation, must fight the environmentalists, who want to preserve the ocean habitats for the animals. When the world is stressed, which should supersede, people or animals?

South Korea prepares for another nuclear test.

If you weren’t worried enough about the new Obama treaty with Iran and the danger of having Nuclear weapons in the hands of unstable countries, this one might really make you lose sleep. The launch of any powerful nuclear weapons, could doom the world. We’re talking a post-apocalyptic landscape. Maybe the last Adam and Eve, who can’t stand each other, must work out a relationship to save our species. Perhaps the radiation has rendered everyone else sterile.

Or perhaps, they are the last two of ten people living in one of those habitat spheres who aren’t too old or gay. Everyone has a duty. Or, although it might be unpleasant, the gay couples will have to stop being heterophobic and pair up with the opposite sex.

Had to stop reading. Afraid I’m getting sillier, and sillier, but I’ve heard one might as well turn lemons into lemonade.


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