Troubling World

Sunday night, a time when I usually am at peace and relaxed. Watched football, and Peyton’s team survived another squeaker. The teams my husband cheered for won. Then I watched people look for a home in Key West, always relaxing to imagine having the money and time to do this. Visited with both children by phone, planning a real visit next week, a good day.

Yet five minutes scanning the headlines on the Internet have my mind worrying about things far away and totally out of my control.


Watching this newborn elephant try to find his trunk and figure out how it and his feet should work is so wonderful. Feel instant love for the creature, just like the parents and children oohing and aahing in the background. (Inserted another fuzzy newborn in case the video wouldn’t play.)

Then this image on the internet tonight. There is such a disconnect. An animal that magnificent, in the prime of his life, destroyed for what, so another jerk can have his photo taken with his trophy.

The next little bit of news was the turmoil in the world. The new burden facing us as we move to be ready to defend Europe and the Middle East.  The sudden rash of stabbings around the world in every country against soldiers, police, and civilians. How can one be ready to defend against such random acts of violence

It will take a lot of meditation and prayer to ease into sleep tonight.

Good thing I worked on my novel earlier in the day. Coming slowly, the new book is pushing forward. I have the first twenty-five thousand words, need at least that many more. Read the first chapter at the CCWA writer’s meeting and encouraged by their reponse. Hope to work a little quicker so can have the weekend free for family.


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