Booklaunch Party

Delighted to be invited to another booklaunch party, this time for a box set of ten novels, Courting the West. I’m looking forward to reading the novels.

The Author’s dropped by, asked questions and chatted with others on Facebook. I tried to participate. Answered one author’s question on another author’s feed by mistake. Typing on my tablet, double posted a response on another list. Felt socially inept, as always. At least they couldn’t see how red my face was. Did not stay long. Will reach out to some of those attending and see if they’d like to be friends on Facebook.

Not really sure why, but on one of my Facebook links, they recommend that you friend others on the link and build up your ‘likes.’ I know all this is necessary. I do want to be a serious writer and find homes for all my books. It just doesn’t feel natural, all this rapport building with strangers.

I mean I do it, on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. Have joined Linked In although never post there, but haven’t Instagrammed or Periscoped anyone yet. Thank you’s for kind retweets are easy. Prayers and likes slide out with glee on Facebook.  Comments on an image now and then, before pinning it. I want to play nice. I’m just a gauche geek. I’ve always been the shy one in the corner with her nose in a book or writing in a notebook.

It is interesting to see how much more social people are with strangers when they seldom talk to each other any more. I’ve watched young people when we’re out to eat. They will talk a minute, then photograph what they are eating and sit pretending to listen or talk while they text someone under the table. It seems the less we personally interact, the more we are expected to reach out and bond with strangers. It really is a brave new world.

Therefore I will blog. If anyone is out there, “Little Sir Echo, how do you do?”



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