Dieting on National Dessert Day

Just wasted twenty minutes drooling, looking for pictures of great desserts to post in this blog.

Found none that were equal to the task and I’m running out of time. This day is over and I have eaten no dessert to celebrate – horrors. So being a creature of imagination, these are a few of my favorite ones.

Banana Pudding – honestly, ripe bananas, vanilla wafers layered, home-made hot vanilla pudding poured over top. Egg whites whipped into a fluffy meringue to cover it and all placed in the oven to brown the top, just the way my Mom made it and her mom made it before her. Could eat at least one bowl now.

Chocolate cake – dark and fudgy, made with buttermilk and real chocolate. Iced with fudgy chocolate butter cream frosting. Sliced while warm, so the spongy cake part actually crumbles, maybe with a scoop of really good vanilla ice cream.

Pecan pie – homemade with extra pecans, again served warm when almost cool enough to slice.

Strawberry pie like my mother-in-law made. Fresh berries cut, sliced and sprinkled with sugar set aside while you make and bake the empty pie shell. Whip a pint of fresh whole cream, adding a sprinkle of sugar and splash of vanilla as stiff peaks form. Fold sweet berries into the whipped cream. Dump into the cooled baked pie shell. Refrigerate until served, or go ahead and share, or eat it all.

Pineapple upside down cake – made with canned pineapple, the juice drained and sweet milk added to make a generous cup of liquid. Add eggs to yellow cake mix and stir in the liquid. Melt half stick of butter, half to one cup of brown sugar (enough to dissolve and take up all the butter).  Layer pineapple slices with cherries in center in big wedding cake layer size pan on top of the brown sugar. Pour in batter, bake. Serve warm with fresh whipped cream.

Ice Cream – pure, unadulterated real cream, real fruit, real chocolate. Fresh churned, or high quality brand from supermarket. Nothing diet, or fat-free, sugar-free, or lactose free. Real, rich, sweet ice cream.

Okay. That’s It. I’m going to wake Jerry and make him take me on an ice cream run.

I diet the other 364 days and still cheat enough to stay fat. I want my ice cream. I deserve Ice cream and I shall have it.

Hope you enjoyed your favorite desert today.


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