Saturated Minds


Working on my next book, originally called it Mountain Bride, and am thinking of making it part of Western Wives Series II. The work is going slow, partly because I spend more time online than writing. Lot of the sites I visit have writers complaining about book sales slowing down or vanishing. Worrying about if the book will find readers before it even exists is the wrong way to stimulate production. Instead, I’m back to writing it for me, so I can find out more about the new people in my head. That keeps all the work a pleasure.

Inevitable that ebook sales may slow. There is so much new media – books, movies, television shows, internet blogs, email messages, and music –  that a person’s mind can feel saturated. If I didn’t enjoy gazing out the window to watch our cats play tag with the chipmunks and squirrels, I  could feel overwhelmed.

Bailley had a boy if you were reading yesterday’s blog. Not sure how the batch of soap will turn out, it takes a couple of weeks to cure sometimes.

Another, knock your socks off gorgeous fall day here. Little rain tonight again, just hard enough to bring down some of the pretty leaves. Added a light blanket to the bed, love cooler weather for sleeping.


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