Low Budget Promotion

Beginning to feel like fall.

Looking around for a topic to include tonight. Had to stop writing to do this so it has been a good day. One of the characters was having a baby, so it was a really difficult time for me to stop.

Being an Indie publisher of books requires one to be a writer, publisher, cover creator, and promotor.

I like to write. Have learned to edit. Can format, create covers and back-copy, and publish (still only on Amazon).

I just don’t want to spend money on doing any of this. Profit is small, time is plentiful, and I enjoy the challenge.

Promotion still eludes me. Looked for some helpful suggestions and found Sue Anne Dunlevie‘s blog. I think this is a very helpful list of how to do it, and how to make it work. Like that she suggested it is good for Introverted writers. http://www.successfulblogging.com/create-a-blog/

Hope it helps you if you too want to be an Indie-published author. She has a free book on her site to encourage you to join her mailing list. I’m thinking that may be the missing ingredient. Working on an incentive for this webpage and hope to have it posted by next week.

Happy reading and writing. Now back to the delivery.


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