Good Intentions

We all know which path is paved with good intentions. I intended to write not one, but two blog posts today. I intended to write three thousand words on my book. I intended to finish a book I’m reviewing for another author.

It’s late again, and though I had no intention of reading email or Facebook posts, I’ve been guiltily doing both. I had no intention of eating anything sweet today. Just finished a warm brownie. Why? Because I enjoyed it.

I don’t think that explanation ever did my children any good. They realized early to give me the expected answer to save us both time.  They would apologize, usually with “I’m sorry, I’m Bad.”  Not angels, but pretty close to it, they’ve both grown to be fine, responsible adults. Despite my training them to make false confessions.

At least they never sang it at me like Michael Jackson did, “You know I’m bad, I’m bad – you know it.” But then we learned, he was.

I watched a movie (the latest Mad Max) because it had great reviews. I did not enjoy it.

I wrote one short new chapter in my current novel, no where near my three thousand word goal.

I watched television and talked to family on the phone and ate home-made white chili, and a warm brownie.

I’m writing one blog post.

Okay, I was bad, but I’m not sorry. For a rainy, cool fall day, I enjoyed myself and did some writing. I will read some more of the book I need to review and sleep.

Tomorrow will be a new, unspoiled day. One in which I will not declare my  intentions. Easier to not be bad that way.


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