Quarterly Writing Goals

Not sure when the quarter started, but think I’m a little late making goals. Here’s my list.

1.Learn Scrivener (signed up for course, listened to one lesson, snore.)

2. Participate more on Facebook (not likely, this is the time eater of the century.)

3. Complete Mountain Bride (find a name for the book – had a little momentum and it seems lost – trying to reignite.)

4. Write three short stories (aiming for one a month, horror this month, western next, romance in December.)

5. Make an audio recording of one of my short stories. Use to collect email (same goal for two years now – we’ll see.)

6. Write a novel in Nanowrimo next month (need to outline it quick – probably finish up mountain bride.)

7. Post mystery novels on other platforms than Amazon (took out of Unlimited last quarter, still haven’t got this done.)

8. Try for an interview or visitor blog post (have still done none of these thingsĀ for promotion.)

9. Generate more titles and a new series of western romance (trying now, slow go.)

10. Write everyday (500 to 3000 words). Post everyday for thirty days straight on webpage (One short in October, will try to catch up, but it doesn’t equal a daily blog post).

11. Try to do a video to promote something (another big learning curve, but I hear they are all the rage for marketing.)

12. Continue things that work, stop doing the things that don’t help and eat up time.

13. Read and review more for others (When I’m writing a novel, find it hard to read fiction. Need to try harder.)

14. Figure out email and do something to build an email list (same goal for two years. See goal five and eleven.)

Inspired to make this list by Jenna Moreci (a little salty, but successful writer to model).


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