Missed Post

Missed posting a blog yesterday so I plan to double up sometime this week. My daughter is home and the last thing I want to do is be on the computer when I could be visiting with her. When she finally turned in, we had a power outage and my computer wouldn’t come on. Of course, I sent a prayer of thanks above. Now I’m back from swimming at the YMCA and ready to post.

Promised to report on the outcome of my Glimmer of Magic, free posting trial.

Yesterday there were 153 downloads of the free book, making a total of 780 given away. Will post Saturday if it led to any reviews. Have to allow people who read as slowly as I do a chance to finish the book and decide if its worth five minutes of their life to post a review.

Wish reviews weren’t the be-all, end all for Indie-Publishing but they seem to be a very important key. Next to a great book, a killer cover, lots of five star reviews get a book noticed and sold.

Rather than list all the great reasons why books need reviews, will share a couple of posts for my writing followers. Sure it will bore those who aren’t writers and I’m sorry.

This was sent to me by J.J. Boyers. http://jjfast.com/bonuses/gathering-book-reviews/


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