Meeting with Writers

Rainy, depressing day but was better because I spent the day with kindred spirits. I love the company of writers. I never feel like the odd duck in a room swimming with other quackers. I love the innocence, the exuberance, the quiet watchfulness of them all. They inspire me.

Late posting my blog, distracted on Pinterest and email again. Should have been writing on my novel, but my mind was too worked up thinking about promoting my work. I have a book up free this weekend, Glitter of Magic.

Thankfully the promotion ends tomorrow. No matter how many books or webinars say it is the best way to promote a book, it just feels wrong. I think free and ninety-nine cent books are undermining the value of books. Yet I talked myself into giving it a try. It’s a book I love, and I want others to buy and love. We’ll see how it all works out. They downloaded 348 Friday, 274 today, and probably less tomorrow. Number one on one of the many Kindle free lists, Fairy Tales, and number four on Medieval. At the end of the day, it is the same #one on Fairy Tales but five on Medieval. Does it mean this book will now be visible, I wonder.

I did it mainly because I need more reviews, there were only five, although all were wonderful. Now I worry if anyone who downloaded the free book will read it or review it. If they review it, will they love it? I feel like I did when I sent my children to kindergarten the first day. Fretful. Protective.

Writing has always been the perfect escape for me. Love the vast landscape of fiction, and enjoy the company of imaginary people. I’m always curious to see what they do next, or hear what they have to say.

Then last year I decided to publish some of my stories. Such a frustrating challenge, but now I’ve learned to enjoy creating covers, formatting the books, even editing. It is one of the most satisfying processes I’ve ever known.

With eighteen works for sell on Amazon, I should be happy. They are not just dreams, words contained on paper or inside a computer, they exist in the world for anyone to find and love. But like children, they expect more, need more. I’ve brought them into the world and I feel an obligation to do something to help them find readers.

I’ve never been able to sell anything. Hope I learn soon.



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