Another Novella


During the July blog challenge, I talked about the range of length for different projects. Finished converting a short screenplay, Voodoo-I Do to story form. Since it is over 10,000 words, that means it is a novella. Working on getting it ready to publish, since that is what I do with my writing these days. Not convinced it’s always the wisest thing to do with everything, but it gives me a little project to complete. Now that I’m retired, I need these little projects.

Voodoo-I Do was created when I was practicing writing screenplays and came from a comment from one of the members of Tennessee Screenwriters’ Association. I believe it was Bob Giordano, who joked that everyone had a Zombie script. Since I didn’t have one, I went home and read all I could find about Voodoo and Zombies and made a stab at it. When I read it at a later meeting, it was well received, and several of the members offered jokes and incidents that I could add to make the story more of a Zombie tale.

The result is now this long story. Here is the cover I am working on. If anyone would like to be a Beta reader, please just email me at and I will send you a free copy. I have run it through my editing software and plan to reread and correct it one more time tomorrow. Always appreciate outside eyes to help find all the things I might have missed.


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