Starting a New Project by J.R.Biery


Well, I’ve had a nice little break from writing now. On my Monday goal at Revise with Confidence, my goal was to get my two Ghost Warrior stories edited and posted. (As well as finish my silly little Voodoo-I Do, script conversion – which I didn’t do.) At least, have those stories up. Wasn’t really sure whether to share them or not. Snake Wilton is such a different character, but he had been haunting me to do more with his story so I finally worked up the courage to publish it again on Kindle.

I’m confident I’ll never win the following one needs to be a successful author, because my work is all over the map. I don’t read only one genre and I certainly don’t write only one. Feel blessed that The Milch Bride has sold, as well as the three sequels.  So, I am trying to dream up another western romance. One fan suggested an Appalachian one, and I am working on that. But, Snake is telling me to write a final story about him and I may have to give in just to clear my head enough to work on the new series. Not sure who will win, but the odds are in favor of Snake.

Reading and studying other writers to see how they handle all the diverse ideas and focus on the best one to build an audience.  Currently listening to a webinar on how to gain 10,000 readers by Joanna Penn and Nick Stephenson. Someday, may work on that. Figure the writing will slow down soon. Still, my favorite time is when I’m lost in a story.

Next, will listen to Hal Croasmun’s webinar on how to sell a screenplay. His advice, start with a marketable screenplay. I’m sure the same is true for fiction. Now if I can keep all these competing stories from filtering in and taking over my working time.

Happy writing and reading


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