Find your own Mentor by J. R. Biery

Survived July’s Ultimate Blog Challenge and although it took me awhile to figure out where I posted them, I finally have all 31 blogs listed here now. Will try to write at least one blog a week from now on. I enjoyed the process but worry that my thoughts will bore you. If there is something you would like me to write a blog about, please ask. Will do my best.

I love to learn, especially for free. As I work through my inability to focus on a single genre and become more productive, I am reading a lot of blog posts and articles on writing. Think of it as finding a mentor on the topic I am interested in at that moment.

Here as an example, is a great article by Cathy Yardley where she explains her process of plotting and working out every scene.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, I went to the ultimate free resource on line, Writers’ Digest. Here is their list of the best articles and posts on writing during 2015. Since most of you are probably not writers, but readers, I’m sorry and you can ignore it. For any fellow writers, enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Find your own Mentor by J. R. Biery”

    1. Elizabeth, sorry I don’t do a good job with the blogging. On the main page, didn’t see any comments, so hadn’t seen your comment until now. I will visit your site. Glad you enjoyed the challenge. I enjoyed doing it too, not sure if it made an impact. Not sure what works in this self-publishing world. Trying listing one of my books for free this weekend. Not something I believe in or ever thought I would do. Just on two little book review circles and needed to get the book to the reviewers for free. Hope it helps.

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