Authors by J. R. Biery


Author is a word I like.

Now that I have a dozen books showing on Amazon, (, I guess it’s hard to deny the title. As mentioned in a previous post, I did have one traditionally published book, Potter’s Field,  while I was teaching, so I can legitimately claim the title. That book now appears with all the other titles as an Indie-published book.

There’s a lot of shifting in titles now so many writers are taking the reins of publishing into their own hands. I recently read there are over a million ebook titles on Amazon alone.  When you add the three million books already published, one realizes how stiff the competition is.  Nearly every famous author, and all the words they’ve ever written, are for sale in cyberspace.

APE, my favorite new acronym, was coined by Guy Kawaski, and stands for Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur. He pointed out that the writer is the author of the book, but can also be the publisher, and must be the seller or an entrepreneur. It is a serious business, and all writers who want to be read need to take the business part to heart. Another of my favorites,  Joanna Penn, uses the term, Indie-Author. She has a website, where she provides a lot of wonderful information to help the Indie-published author. I’ve also seen the term Authorpreneur used to describe writers in this new digital age, but I don’t remember who coined the term, and I’m not sure how to pronounce it.

It means we are basically like the Little Red Hen. We grow the corn, grind the corn, bake the bread – and we have to decide if we are going to eat it all ourselves. Since March of 2014, I’ve published most of the  books I’ve written during the last four years of retirement, plus a couple of things I recovered the rights to.  I’m grateful to Pat Gentry and Troy D. Smith for their encouragement to publish something on Kindle. It is rather addictive. Instead of writing and leaving things on the computer drive,  or printing copies to store in my “writer’s closet,” I’ve worked and reworked them. They are now published. People buy and read them. Some love the books and characters as much as I do. It’s a tremendous source of joy for me.

I like being called an author. I don’t mind being called an Ape. I’m afraid I will have to learn to be more of an entrepreneur before you can call me an Authorpreneur. Adding a couple of resources below, including the image of books. Please note several New York Time’s best-selling authors were Indie-published writers. Several have sold millions of copies of their books.

Gives me another thing to dream about.


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