Blog Post 31

A month of blogging. Something I was sure I would be unable to do. I knew if I studied what a blog post should look like, what it should contain, what it should never be, what you must never, ever write – well there would be no blog posts. This web page would be as empty as ever.  Fear. It is so easy to be afraid. Like the young woman in this next book, there is a lot to be afraid of and many mistakes a person can make. But to move forward, to accomplish anything, we must all face our fears.

A year ago when my friend Pat dared all of us at a meeting of CCWA writer’s to post a book on Kindle, I knew I would never be able to do it. I hadn’t written professionally for many years, and most of what I had written before was magazine stories or articles. Of course, I’ve written non-stop for over forty years, but there was a long hiatus between my last published credit and now. But she dared us.

Then there is the issue of technology. As a teacher of math and science, I was always learning new software, new teaching methodologies, new white boards and projectors. I’m not an idiot. But when I’m trying to accomplish something on the internet, I feel like a terrible moron. I want to cry when things don’t save or aren’t where I posted them the day before. I’ve spent part of a year trying to learn Scrivener and I am still writing in Word instead because I can’t figure that program out.

I should not be doing this. I’ve asked family and friends to look at my books or review them. I’ve decided they are all illiterate, because to date, none of them have. My poor writing friends have been asked one too many times to read things and critique them. I admit, twelve books require a lot of favors. Somehow I’ve published books and miracles, some of them sell everyday.

If nothing else, this blog should be an inspiration to you. If I can do it, so can you. If you are burning up with the stories you have to share then write them or write a book and figure the rest out as you go. If you could never write a book, but would like to share your knowledge, hobbies, or skills, do it. Get a free WordPress or Google page and write whatever you feel you must. I guarantee, so few people will ever see it, that you don’t have to worry or be embarrassed about it.  Just face your fears and write. It is a great challenge and lots of fun.


2 thoughts on “ANOTHER CHALLENGE MET by J.R.Biery”

  1. Wish I felt inspired. Posted High Desert Poem on Amazon, finally up on Kindle and Create Space. Fingers crossed that reviews will follow. What I wish is that I had more control over what I write. If characters come with their problems, they won’t leave me alone until I work out their stories and write them. Need to focus on one genre, I know, but what you going to do? I can only write the ones that interest me. Trying to recover from July – going to watch television and read for a couple of days. May come back to blogging. Enjoyed it.


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