Working on the Next Project by J.R.Biery


Blog Post 30

Working on a new project all day. Over thirty-five hundred words along. It’s because I am converting another screenplay, this one a short script (24) pages to a story or novella. Instead of starting at the bottom, I am at the rewriting stage. Like High Desert Poem, I hope to get it finished quickly.

Called Voodoo- I Do, it’s another weird one. Described it in Blog post 24, Trendy Topics. I’m not sure if most of the things I write are so vastly different from each other, or because I am growing senile. But I’ve forgotten the work enough to be surprised by some of the things I wrote. That’s always a strange feeling.

Had seen the graphic above somewhere and found it on a Facebook post tonight to copy. Used the free program Snip-It. Seems to have worked. If I can remember all these little tricks next week, maybe I can be like Michael Hyatt or James Patterson or some of these other fast writing authors. Doubt it, since two of the three things I’ve worked on this month are really refurbishing and reshaping of my own, old material.

Since retiring, I have been serious about writing and feel good about creating so many new stories and books. Still have old manuscripts of things I wrote to keep my mind still when I was teaching. My friend Cindi suggested I pull some of those things out and rewrite them to publish. I may, if I ever get the new things I’ve written since retirement all polished and posted online for someone to read.

Beta readers have been kind, all read quickly and reported promptly. Their suggestions helped improve High Desert Poem. Hope to get it up by this weekend. There’s still all the formatting and proofing, etc. to worry with. And I’m writing something new again.

Listened to Michael Hyatt webinar tonight, and like James Patterson, he is an advocate of the author as manager of resources in creating books. I’m sure it works for them. But for me, the process I enjoy is still in the creative writing. Don’t think I could ever hand that off to someone else and consider the book something I wrote.

If you haven’t already, please look at my books to see if there’s one you might like to read.

Until tomorrow, happy writing and goodnight.


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