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Blog Post 29
Getting ready to publish another book. That will make two projects completed this month, five this year. Sounds wonderful, but I had planned to publish one a month. Playing catch-up now.

As I explained in an earlier blog, any published work is an iceberg. The part you see on-line began as a story, but it takes a lot of effort and craft to turn it into a publishable work. I am hearing back from readers on this latest project, High Desert Poem, and they are all very positive and enthusiastic about the story.

Happy tonight as I go through making more changes and last minute edits, fixing errors they’ve pointed out. It is about 24,000 words, so technically a Novella. Think it is closest to a Thriller if it fits into any category. I did write it as a screenplay first and converted it this month during Camp Nanowrimo. Feeling pleased with the result.

The short pitch for the story is:
A young woman who wants poetry and romance, settles for security by marrying an older man, but then she learns he is a survivalist. Her everyday struggles end up in a life or death battle in the desert.

Long Pitch is:
Alyssa Paige, a young woman raised by a single mother, has never felt loved. When she meets Lars Stedle, the handsome older man offers her marriage and a chance at a real home. Wary, but desperate to escape her present life, she settles for security, hoping love will follow. Once married, she learns Lars isn’t what she thought, but a doomsday Prepper.
Alyssa finds herself living a semi-isolated life in an underground trailer.

Every day is harsh and full of challenges and she still doesn’t have the home or children of her dreams. In a community of other survivalist, Rose is the only one she can talk to. But then Alyssa finds Rose’s buried body.

Publishing is a big leap of faith, whether traditionally published or Indie-published. Afraid I am too old and impatient to go the traditional route again. For the last several years, I’ve been happy to just write and finish a story to my own satisfaction.

Knowing I am going to make it public requires a lot more work than just thinking it up and typing it out. Now that I have the time to do the rest of the work, I don’t mind sharing these stories with others. I hope you will be as fascinated with this strange alternative world and with Alyssa’s search for a little poetry and love in her life. I’m curious to hear if you like it.


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