Dreams by J.R.Biery


The sculpture is like most of the images on Pinterest, poorly labeled. It doesn’t give an artist, just a description, Dream Sculpture. Tried following it backward, but it apparently was on sale on Etsy and sold. Happy for the artist, but would love to know who made it. Feel like this when I’m writing. Like I’m dreaming and another person emerges from the dream. Not sure what the bell inside the head is for, but would love to have one installed to ring when I have an idea worth recording.

It’s almost midnight. This is my favorite time to write. I get up early, usually by six thirty. Not as early as before I retired, but still in time to have a long day. I’ve tried writing at dawn and I can generate a lot of words, especially if I’ve outlined ahead of time or stopped in the middle of something the night before. Continuing what I started during the night goes much better. I call it my dream-flow writing.

Love the Nanowrimo challenges, because the demand to generate words can force inhibition to the background and it’s easier to reach this dream-flow state. Fifty thousand words in thirty days is a mean challenge. Some of the younger, faster people get twice that number. Amazes me. But 1667 a day will get you there and usually I write about that number. Six to ten typed pages in the old days. Then I was writing short stories, mainly confession stories, to submit to the magazines. It was a manageable number of words to get in a day and I could usually do a story in a day or two. Back then there was postage and SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelopes) for the stories return. Happy to sell one every month or so out of the half dozen or more I would write. Only wrote when I had an idea back then.

Then I wrote a book and haven’t looked back. Occasionally a story will pop into my head (the little bell will ring) and I’ll have to dash it off to clear my mind to focus on the current book. They are generally strange, and there’s not much to do with them but file them away.

But now there is Kindle. Have posted a couple of stories, Happy Girl and Ghost Warrior. (Trying to get the rights back to the last one so I can self-publish it and a sequel to it.) Most I just bury on the hard drive, because for me, the stories haven’t sold. Think it’s because there are so many novels for free or ninety-nine cents, that a short story or novella doesn’t seem worth buying. Could be because my stories are too strange.

Sometimes a story I’ve saved becomes part of a novel. Will Henry was a short story first, then a screenplay, and finally a young adult novel. Killing the Darlings began as a dream, became a story, then grew into a novel when I couldn’t forget the couple. They were so interesting to me and that’s where story ideas come from. Characters that appear in your dreams and shout until you write what they tell you. Weird, huh?


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